Fixtures and Results

Southport and District League 2017

First Team Division 2

Mon 24th April *AughtonH6.30pm
Mon 1st May*BlundellsandsA6.30pm
Mon 8th May*Ormskirk 2H6.30pm
Monday 15th May SouthbankA7.00pm
Mon 22nd MayMawdsleyA7.00pm
Mon 29th MayBirkdale 2H7.00pm
Mon 5th JuneCrostonA7.00pm
Mon 12th JuneAughtonA7.00pm
Mon 19th JuneBlundelllsandsH7.00pm
Mon 26th JuneOrmskirk 2A7.00pm
Mon 3rd JulySouthbankH7.00pm
Mon 10th JulyMawdsleyH7.00pm
Mon 17th July *Birkdale 2A6.30pm
Mon 24th July *CrostonH6.30pm

Second Team Division 5

Tuesday 25th April *Formby HT 3A6.30pm
Mon 1st May*No MatchH6.30pm
Tuesday 9th May*Mawdsley 3A6.30pm
Monday 15th May Birkdale 3H7.00pm
Mon 22nd MayHillside 2H7.00pm
Tuesday 30th MayNorth Meols 3A7.00pm
Mon 5th JuneCroston 2H7.00pm
Mon 12th JuneFormby HT 3H7.00pm
Mon 19th JuneNo MatchA7.00pm
Mon 26th JuneMawdsely 3H7.00pm
Tuesday 4th JulyBirkdale 3A7.00pm
Mon 10th JulyHillside 2A7.00pm
Mon 17th July *North Meols 2H6.30pm
Mon 24th July *Croston 2A6.30pm

Third Team Division 7

Tuesday 25th April *No MatchA6.30pm
Weds 3rd May *Blundellsands 3H6.30pm
Tuesday 9th May *Southbank 3A6.30pm
Weds 17th MayFormby HT 5H7.00pm
Tuesday 23rd MayHillside 3A7.00pm
Weds 31st MaySphynx 4H7.00pm
Weds 7th JuneNorth Meols 5H7.00pm
Weds 14th JuneNo MatchH7.00pm
Thurs 22nd JuneBlundellsands 3A7.00pm
Weds 28th JuneSouthbank 3H7.00pm
Thursday 6th JulyFormby HT 5A7.00pm
Weds 12th JulyHillside 3H7.00pm
Tuesday 18th July *Sphynx 4A6.30pm
Thursday 27th July *North Meols 5A6.30pm

Fourth Team Division 8

Weds 26th April *Mawdsley 5H6.30pm
Tuesday 4th May *Birkdale 4A6.30pm
Wednesday 10th May *Argyle 4H6.30pm
Monday 15th MayRainfordA7.00pm
Weds 24th MayHillside 4H7.00pm
Wednesday 31st MayCampion 3A7.00pm
Thurs 8th JuneNorth Meols 6A7.00pm
Weds 14th JuneMawdsley 5 A7.00pm
Wednesday 21st JuneBirkdale 4H7.00pm
Tuesday 27th JuneArgyle 4A7.00pm
Wednesday 5th JulyRainfordH7.00pm
Tuesday 11th JulyHillside 4A7.00pm
Weds 19th July *Campion 3H6.30pm
Weds 26th July *North Meols 4H6.30pm

Liverpool Men’s League 2017

First Team Division H

Thurs 27th AprilMersey Bowmen 'C'A6.30pm
Thurs 4h May Waterloo 'D'H6.30pm
Thurs 11th May Ruskin Park 'B'H6.30pm
Thurs 18th MayAughton 'C'A6.30pm
Thurs 25th MayMossley Hill 'C'A6.30pm
Thurs 1st JuneMaghull 'B'H6.30pm
Thurs 8th JuneBohemians 'D'A6.30pm
Thurs 15th JuneMersey Bowmen 'C'H6.30pm
Thurs 22nd JuneWaterloo 'D'A6.30pm
Tuesday 27th JuneRuskin Park 'BA6.30pm
Thurs 6th JulyAugthon 'C'H6.30pm
Thurs 13th JulyLiverpool Parks Tournamnent (NO FIXTURE)
Thurs 20th JulyMossley Hill 'C'H6.30pm
Thurs 27th July Maghull 'B'A6.30pm
Thurs 3rd Aug Bohemians 'D'H6.30pm

Second Team Division J

Thurs 27th AprilNo FixtureH
Thurs 4h May Ormskirk 'A'A6.30pm
Friday 12th May East Wavertree 'G'A6.30pm
Thurs 18th MayMaghull 'C'H6.30pm
Thurs 25th MayCampion 'F'H6.30pm
Thurs 1st JuneEcclestone Park 'E'A6.30pm
Thurs 8th JuneBohemians 'E'H6.30pm
Thurs 15th JuneNo FixtureA
Thurs 22nd JuneOrmskirk 'A'H6.30pm
Thurs 29th JuneEast WavertreeH6.30pm
Thurs 6th JulyMaghull 'C'A6.30pm
Monday 10th JulyLiverpool Parks Tournamnent (NO FIXTURE)
Monday 17th JulyCampion 'F'A6.30pm
Thurs 27th July Ecclestone Park 'E'H6.30pm
Monday 31st July Bohemians 'E'A6.30pm